Trumpet Vine Pruning


How prun back trumpet vine
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Trumpet Vines, Campsis radicans, are vigorous vines considered invasive in some areas. It requires a very sturdy support as it can become quite large and heavy. These vines are not recommended for climbing on buildings as they can cause damage to siding and surface of the walls.

The trumpet vine blooms only on new growth. If the plant is not pruned properly you will just have blooms on the ends of the branches and have a large unruly plant. As the blooms are on the new growth the pruning time for this plant is in the fall or early spring when the plant is dormant. If you prune the plant back you will encourage new growth and increase the potential for flowering.

I have attached an article from our library which explains how to prune the trumpet vine.

Trumpet Vine, Wild Grape, Climbing Hydrangea