Tuberosa asclepias planting time



You were so helpful identifying an elderberry tree for me that I’m going to ask you another question. [Couldn’t find it in the Find It Here section.] I want to give a friend a tuberosa asclepias to plant now [July-August 2022] but I’ve read it’s best to plant in spring or fall. Will it be okay if she plants it now? She’s downtown Toronto, not sure of the soil type, and does not get a lot of sun. [I know it’s full sun, but her heart’s set on it.] Also, if she can plant it now, can she plant it in a pot? Thanks very much.


Thank-you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners with your question.

Asclepias tuberose, commonly known as Butterfly Weed, is a beautiful plant. It is best to transplant it in late August or early fall when the plant goes dormant. You can also plant it in spring when the plant is small. Be sure to dig deep to get the entire tap root.

Asclepias tuberosa will tolerate partial shade but produces fewer flowers. You can also grow it in a pot. Make sure the pot is big enough to allow roots to grow.  Keep in mind that the roots are vulnerable to freezing in pots during the winter. If you plant it in the fall, it is better to plant it in the ground. If you plant it in a pot, you would need to overwinter the plant  properly. See this past question for tips:

Overwintering shrubs and perennials in pots