Tulip Bulb Storage


I recently purchased a package of 10 tulip bulbs at a local grocery. They are firm, no fungus or blight and have just begun to sprout (no green showing). I have a cold cellar or garage in which I can store the bulbs until spring. What should I do with them?



Options available:

  1. Plant bulbs at the correct depth and place in cold cellar – 5-10 degreesC – for 10 -12 weeks or until growth begins. Then move to a sunny location. Plants can then be planted in beds or ornamental containers.
  2. Place the bulbs in a paper bag in cold cellar and plant directly in the ground as soon as the soil can be worked. It is possible to plant in winter under snow if ground is soft to correct planting depth. Recover with soil, then snow.

For more information about tulips consult the Master Gardeners Gardening Guide.

Hopefully you will enjoy your commemorative bulbs next spring.