Type of Tomato to Grow in Toronto


What type/name of tomato should I grow in Toronto to have high yield?



I’d suggest that you experiment and try a few varieties of tomato to find those that taste best to you. Also, consider whether you want large, beefsteak tomatoes and/or small grape varieties. As well, the time it takes from planting to harvest may vary depending on the variety you choose.  If you grow a few varieties that have slightly different ripening times, you could extend the season by a few weeks.

By providing the plants with the right environment – planting them in a good spot with lots of sunlight and well-draining soil, and watering and feeding (fertilizing) them well – you should get a good yield of any variety you select.

Here are a few helpful resources on selecting & growing tomatoes:

Be sure to ask someone at your local nursery what varieties they suggest – you may be surprised (as I have been) that those you thought were least likely to taste good – were amazing!  All the best for a bountiful supply of tomatoes this coming season.