Using Disease and Blackspot Control Fungicide


Hi there, we bought a house this year and the house came with a rose bed in the backyard. I believe they are Australian roses (but I might be wrong). The roses has some sort of a pest since almost all the leaves are eaten. Anyways, I was watching a Youtube video from Heirloom Roses website on how to put my garden to bed and they recommended that I use Dr. Earth Disease and Blackspot Control Fungicide after pruning the roses. But I can’t find that product in Canada. I was wondering what would be a replacement product I could use instead. Thank you very much in advance


Although I am unable to determine if your roses do indeed have blackspot from the photo you submitted, we did have a previous query about this topic which you can read about here:  As mentioned in this link, there is a ban on cosmetic use of pesticides here in Ontario which is why you cannot find the product you are after.  Checking with your local garden center to see what organic fungicides are available is a good idea.  I did a quick search and Sheridan suggested Sulphur Dust, Lime Sulphur and Safer’s Defender.

I am also going to include a link to our garden guide to pruning your roses which you can find here:

Good luck with your rose bed.

October 3, 2023