Vines for purchase in Toronto


Hi there.
I was wondering if you know of any places in Toronto where I can buy grapevines for planting?

Secondly, could take a cutting from a neighbours grapevine and a plant that?

Thanks so much


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners.

Many of the larger Toronto area nurseries have websites with a plant search function which will show you the plants they carry, so a few minutes online may save you some phone calls.  A look at the Landscape Ontario site can pinpoint the nurseries closest to you; you can narrow down your search from there. Here is their website, (just click on the garden center tab)

Secondly, Yes you could take a cutting from a neighbour’s grape vine.

Stem cuttings refer to any stem that is cut to produce a new plant. This new plant will be identical to the “mother plant”. Grape vines are usually hardwood cuttings (during dormant season when wood is hard and mature). Maybe neighbour’s grape vine is still dormant and I encourage you to try some stem cuttings.

When choosing material for cuttings make sure that it is healthy and vigorous and does not have flowers on it. The cuttings should be 10 to 20 cm  (4 to 8 in.) long and have three to four nodes. Several cuttings can be taken from one long branch, however it is important to remember which is the base. If more than one cutting is taken from a branch, generally the basal cut, the butt end where the roots will develop, is made on a slant and the upper cut is made straight. The basal cut should be made just below a node. Rooting hormone is very useful on hardwood cuttings as they are generally a little more difficult, and often take longer, to root. Tie the cuttings into bundles and keep moist during the rooting period.

This article gives step by step instructions along with illustrations on how to propagate hardwood cuttings (go to the end for specific details for grave vines)

You can also place the cuttings in a tall glass or bottle. Add just enough tepid water to the glass or bottle to cover completely two nodes and leave the grapevine cuttings in the water for about six weeks, or until they develop numerous 1-inch long roots. (Here’s a video

Good luck !