Virgin’s Bower Clematis


Hi I live in Toronto and have planted a native clematis. Although it is a huge vine it has no flowers and I was expecting some before Sept. What can I do to get this blooming? My yard has some sun and the vine is up my fence.


I am assuming you are referring to Clematis virginiana which is native to North America and not Clematis ternifolia which is very similar but not native.

Although this Clematis can be grown in part sun, if it is too shady, flowering may be sparse. Clematises are heavy feeders. Yours is growing well with lots of leaves, a sign of good nutrition, but maybe too much nitrogen is causing it to produce mainly leaves. Try using a fertilizer with less nitrogen such as 5-10-10.

The autumn flowering Clematis flowers on new growth so you can prune it in early spring. Virgin’s Bower is a vigorous grower and can be heavily pruned at that time and it should quickly grow back during the summer. Pruning it will also spur more flowering.

For further information about growing Clematis go to this link: