Waldsteinia Propagation


I currently have a great patch of barren strawberry (Waldsteinia ternata) that I’d like to extend. Can I use my existing plants to create new plantings? If so, how?


The barren strawberry (Waldsteinia ternata) is easy to divide – this should be done in early spring or early autumn.  As well, once a plant is established, it spreads to some degree by runners (stolons) although it is not considered an invasive.  So your strawberry “patch” will get bigger.

A couple of other options: you can dig up a few runners and transplant these nearby.

The barren strawberry can also be propagated by seed – after blooming, keep the seedheads on the plants until they are dry, then collect the seeds, dry and store them. Sow directly outside in the spring (after the last frost) or in the early autumn. You can also sow the seeds indoors to transplant outside in the spring after all danger of frost has passed.  Germination may be spotty, but this may be worth a try!

Note that the fruit of the barren strawberry is not edible.