Backyard Evergreens


want to plant 4 or 5 evergreens in back yard . I live in oshawa . The yard did have an apple tree . Don;t know soil type. It is mid June now The yard faces east/ west.  Would like plant on west side. looking for a full type tree thank you


There are hundreds of different types of evergreens  (conifers) that  you might benefit from, but from your  basic stated requirements, I have summarized a short list of several candidates you may want to consider.  The trees I have listed are all hardy in your zone (5 or lower), and grow to be trees of full stature ( mostly conical shaped),  and will work in a full or partial sun exposure.

The list I have compiled is also generally available in many nurseries.

Having stated that there are many other  criteria which could be considered, such as needle colour,  rate of growth, maturity size, native, disease resistance, soil preferences, etc.

I have attached several links for you if you wish to do more investigation, or,  if you wish to provide us with more details for your requirements we can narrow the answer for you.

You might also want to bring the list to a nursery and see which ones are most attractive to you.


Abies fraseri    (Fraser fir)

Abies concolor (White fir)

Abies koreana (Korean fir)



Picea abies (Norway Spruce)

Picea glauca (White spruce)

Picea pungens  (Colorado spruce)


Pine, Eastern White (Pinus strobus)

Pinus nigra (Austrian Pine)




Hemlock, Eastern (Tsuga canadensis)