Wasp free garden


I am severely allergic to bee and wasps and live close to the TBG. I have a small West-facing patio garden with a raised bed. What plants will not attract and will repel wasps?


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners.

You have an interesting issue as the accepted advice these days is to attract insects rather than to deter them to your garden. Bees and wasps act as pollinators for many of the desired garden plants. Without pollinators, many of the flowering and fruiting plants could not reproduce.

There is a very good article produced by one of our sister Master Gardener organization, the Halton Region Master Gardeners that outline 12 ways to reduce the chances of being stung in the garden by bees and wasps. It also provides a list of plants that will not attract bees and wasps. I have attached the website address and site for your information and use.


Good luck.