Watering Cedar trees


I have planned over 30 cedar trees in June this year and I have been watering them 2 times a day and it’s like going up on a hill so when it rains they are still dry ! So my question is when should I stop watering them ? Now I’m doing it once a day if I do ! Next year do I need to water them as often ?


We receive a lot of enquiries about growing cedars. Cedars do require quite moist soil and regular watering, the first year until the ground freezes. That said, one should not need to water daily.  Weekly or twice weekly deep watering is better than a daily short (shallow) watering.

If you click on the following link, you will get a detailed answer we provided another inquirer, with advice about the care of cedars:


There is lots more information about these cedars on our website. Just type ‘cedar’ into the search box under ‘Find it Here’ on our home page.

We also have a Gardening Guide on evergreen hedges that includes information on cedars:


It is a bit difficult to tell from the image you submitted, but you mention there is a hill and water runs off. If the soil is sandy it will not retain water well and will dry out quickly. As the cedars have already been planted, I suggest adding a few inches of organic compost and a top layer of organic mulch (but keeping those away from the trunks of the trees) to improve the soil and help it retain moisture, as described in the first link above.  Best of luck with your hedge!