Weeping walkers caragana


I bought a walkersweeping caragana Winterizing / Insulating Balcony/Terrace perennial gardenslast Sept 2018 and it has not budded this year. The branches Are green so it isnt dead. It just never produced leaves or new buds this spring. It does have green shoots coming from the ground hiwever, What can i do to revive it?


Thank you for contacting the Toronto master Gardeners with your inquiry.

Every year, trees maintain a set growth cycle, and they rely on the weather to keep them on track. Certain trees need to rest in cool temperatures before they can safely produce new growth in spring. When the dormant season is interrupted by unseasonal elements, trees begin to grow as though spring has arrived. They start sprouting leaves, flowers and fruits–no matter how short the resting period was. This winter we experienced numerous freeze thaw cycles. When temperatures are mild one day then plunge the next new growth is shocked by the sudden freeze and could be damaged.

Have you examined the buds on the tree? If the buds are brown on the inside but were still green on the outside, the damage to the buds is probably due to cold which we experienced this spring. If there are many buds dead ( totally brown), but the branch is alive, then the tree has been suffering for some time. The problem could be due to stress or a root problem. Proper irrigation, feeding and pruning will sometimes help bring a tree back from stress. Even with proper care, your tree might not recover.

You might consider seeking advice from a certified arborist. To find a certified professional arborist to help you visit the Ontario branch of the International Society of Arboriculture here.

If you bought this plant from a reputable nursery just last fall it may be guaranteed for a year and you may be able to get a replacement.