What is the name of this plant – PLANT ID


I bought this plant last year and plant it and it is now blooming. There are not flowers but the top leafs turn yellow. It is not tall, around 10cm or less. It started blooming last week. I do not recall its name and I love to know more about it. I would appreciate your help. Please see attached picture and thank you very much once again.


Hello  – Your plant is cushion spurge (Euphorbia epithymoides synonymous with E. polychrome). The Euphorbias are a vast and diverse plant family native to central and south eastern Europe and Asia Minor.  Cushion spurge is one of the first perennials to bloom in the spring and is a lovely companion to the spring flowering bulbs as in your photo.

You are right that the top leaves (called bracts) turn yellow and are often mistaken for flowers.  Inconspicuous greenish flowers will eventually bloom at the stem ends.  Common to all the spurges the stems exude a toxic, milky sap when cut.  It maintains it’s dome-like shape throughout the season and the leaves turn a showy red in the fall.  If you’d like more information about cushion spurge, click on the link below to access an article from the Missouri Botanical Garden.

Euphorbia polychroma

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