What is this plant?*


I go backwards and forwards along Bathurst Ave. to work every day and pass this “field of wild flowers”. There is something growing that looks very  much like morning glory.  These plants are very low growing. They are in flower in the morning but are closed on my way home in late afternoon. Just wondering what they can be.



Based on your description the plant in question is most likely something called field bindweed (Convolvulus arvensis). It is considered a weed and actually comes from the same family (Convolvulaceae) as morning glory, so well spotted. It’s described as a vinelike perennial, with slender stems that can form dense tangled mats up to 10 feet (3m) across. It grows close to the ground until it finds something to climb up. When that happens it will climb by wrapping around nearby plants and objects. It will flourish where little or no cultivation takes place and can become a real nuisance for both recreational gardeners and for farmers planting vegetable crops. Drought tolerance is a characteristic of field bindweed which probably accounts for it being more common this summer. For further reading please visit the following websites:

OMAFRA: Field Bindweed

Cornell Weed Identification