Flower ID


I don’t remember planting this flower, from seed or a cutting, but I have two big batches of it. It sort of looks like a defective coneflower but the foliage seems wrong. It is growing in full sun


The plant ID question appears to be Mexican Hat coneflower – Ratibidia columnifera.

Mexican coneflower or Praire coneflower  is native to the mid-west. It is an easy to grow drought tolerant plant with fine medium grey-green foliage. The flowers feature black, cone-shaped heads with drooping bright red and yellow petals resembling a ‘sombrero’, hence the  common name of  “Mexican Hat”.

This perennial coneflower, is sometimes grown as an annual.  It needs average, dry to medium, well-drained, neutral to slightly alkaline soils in full sun and is  drought resistant.

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