What type of Yew should I plant


I would like a an all year round green hedge in front of my two windows which are situated at the front of the bungalow. I have an South East exposure. My concern is; would they grow to high and block my vision from the window?
An you please give me some suggestions on how to design the front of the property using low maintain equity shrubs. Thank you.


Thank you for your question.

A Yew (botanical name Taxus) is a good choice for the front of your bungalow.  It is versatile but does require a well- drained soil.

Yews generally prefer part-sun or sunny locations and you have indicated you have a southeastern exposure so that would be ideal.

The Canada Yew (T. Canadensis) grows 2 – 5 feet and has a spreading shape, so might be the best choice for under the window.

Yews respond well to pruning and late March through April is the best time to keep them at your preferred height.

The following resources  may be helpful:

The TMG Giude on Planting a Tree  (attached) provides information on choosing evergreen or coniferous trees vs Deciduous trees in your landscape design.



Please also find attached the link for using evergreens as hedges.



Ontariotrees.com is an online field guide to Ontario trees and shrubs which is another good resourCe