When can I plant my vegetable seedlings outdoors?


I have grown snow peas, cucumbers, mesclun mix and arugula from seed.  When can I plant these outdoors?  Today is April 24.



You can plant your little cucumber, mesclun mix and arugula seedlings once the growing season starts, after all danger of frost has passed. This is generally around the long weekend in May, in Toronto.  You can also direct-sow seeds of these plants outdoors as the summer progresses.

Peas, including snow peas, are usually sown directly outdoors, in the spring, when the weather is cool (temperature should average 16-18 degrees C (60-65 degrees F) – and as soon as the soil can be worked.   The best time to plant snow peas is a few weeks before the last frost date (i.e., it’s now getting late!).  Although peas often do not do well as transplants, try planting the sprouts now, while it is still cool. See The Telegraph’s How to grow a bumper crop of peas .

Here is a helpful posting on the Ask a Master Gardener website, Growing from seed. Click on the link to the planting calendar from the Old Farmer’s Almanac – this provides suggested dates for indoor sowing and planting seedlings outdoors, for several common vegetables.

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All the best with your veggies!