When do I remove the burlap winter protection around my one-year-old David Austin climbing roses?


Hello. I live in midtown Toronto. In fall I wrapped my one-year-old David Austin climbing roses in burlap and was wondering if I can remove the burlap now (late March, 2023). Thank you for your help in advance.


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners

Having placed the burlap to protect from winter winds, winter sun, thawing and freezing, my suggestion is to keep the burlap until the last frost date for your area.   Canada Plant Hardiness Zones

By municipality   Hardiness Zones

Weather can change drastically, from plus 8 to minus 6 over night which can include rain, snow and sleet. Keeping the protection on until the last frost date guarantees you will not damage the David Austin Roses.

For your new climbing roses our website has pruning and growing instructions. Roses Care

This You Tube Video provides information on David Austin Climbers David Austin Roses

Thank you