When to Plant Rose Cuttings


Hi, I have some cuttings from a heirloom roses. They were my husband’s father’s and he passed many years ago. Just recently his Mom passed and we have a limited time to get some new bushed going before the house is sold. We started early in the summer with the first blooms and now have about 6 of each colour rooted and hardened. The question I have is I’m not sure when to plant them or how to winter them. They seem so small and delicate to put in the ground. On the other hand I’m not sure they would survive all winter inside. I’ve looked online and haven’t found any specific information for this in Ontario. I live in Woodstock. I would appreciate any information you can offer. Thanks.


From your query, I believe that you still have your cuttings in pots and they have not made the leap to the garden bed.  I will therefore suggest that you try the methods used for overwintering container roses.

There appears to be two methods of doing this.  The first is the storage of the pots in an unheated shed.  This is expanded upon in a previous Toronto Master Gardeners’ post:


Another method is “heeling in” as explained in this article


This should give you some guidance on how to keep those cuttings until next year.  Happy Gardening.