When to plant vegetables


Please tell me when we can plant vegetables on the ground for this year
Vegetables like peppers, tomatoes, eggplant cucumber, lettuce, beans

Thanks in advance


You have a wonderful assortment of veggies for a delicious summer feast!

Your question pertains to the soil temperature at which different vegetables can be planted in the ground.  I have attached the link to the Ministry of Agriculture’s guidelines for edible planting in Ontario based on climatic zones.  This indicates the number of frost-free days where it is safe to plant outdoors, as well as typical growing days for the vegetables indicated above.  Each type has its own growing day requirement, as well as outdoor temperature and soil tolerances.


The Toronto Master Gardeners also gives presentations through the Toronto Public Libraries, which is another great way to get advice from our team.


A vegetable garden is certainly worth all the hard work.   Nothing tastes better than fresh off the vine!  We wish you success.