where can i buy grape vines in toronto


I want to buy grape vines to plant it in my back yard.
Let me know where can I buy it.


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners.

Master Gardeners cannot specifically endorse any nursery or garden centre, however, many of the larger Toronto area nurseries have websites with a plant search function which will show you the plants they carry, so a few minutes online may save you some phone calls.  A look at the Landscape Ontario site can pinpoint the nurseries closest to you; you can narrow down your search from there. Here is their website, https://landscapeontario.com/find-a-company (just enter Retail Garden Centres from the drop-down menu in the Find your professional Search tool).

You may also wish to search for nurseries is the Niagara Region – the heart of Ontario’s wine industry. You can use the same Search tool in the Landscape Ontario site.

For growing tips, you may find this previously posted article useful:




Good luck!