Where can I buy Japanese Yoshino Cherry Tree in Toronto


I don’t want to buy seeds. I want to buy 1 year or older tree to plant in my tree area in my cottage.

I live in Toronto. Is there any website that ship to Canada or any place in day driving distance that sells trees?

Great thanks


Much that we would like to help, Toronto Master Gardeners are not in the practice of suggesting vendors or services. Many of the larger Toronto area nurseries have websites with a plant search function which will show you the plants they carry, so a few minutes online may save you some phone calls.  A look at the Landscape Ontario site can pinpoint the nurseries closest to you; you can narrow down your search from there. Here is their website, https://landscapeontario.com/find-a-company (just click on the garden center tab).

Here is an informative Toronto Master Gardeners post that describes planting a cherry blossom tree and offers good advice: https://www.torontomastergardeners.ca/askagardener/planting-a-cherry-blossom-tree-in-my-front-lawn/