Where to Buy Acidanthera


I would like to know where I can purchase acidanthera bulbs.
Thank you.


As acidanthera is a summer bulb it should be available in garden centres now that they are reopening.  I have even purchased this bulb in grocery stores that carry a selection of bulbs.  Given the different shopping environment we are facing with the pandemic, I would call ahead to your local garden centre to confirm they are in stock. We don’t make specific vendor recommendations, however feel free to check out https://landscapeontario.com/   and search for “Retail Garden Centres”  in your area.

You could also try bulb specialist’s offering online shopping such as Breck’s. One of the challenges in locating this bulb is that it goes by many names.  It’s botanical name has been changed to Gladiolus murielae, formerly Acidenthera bicolor. Catalogues and nurseries may list it under one of it’s many common names such as peacock gladiolus, peacock orchid, Abyssinian gladiolus, fragrant gladiolus and sword lily.  Good luck with your hunt.