Where to Buy Specific Species of Rhododendron


Hello, I would very much like to have a Loderi King George Rhododendron in my garden but don’t know how to find one. Is there a garden centre in Southern Ontario (I live in Toronto) that specializes in Rhodos? Twenty-five years ago, when I moved into this home, I recall going out to the west end of the city, or farther, to such a nursery but I cannot recall the name or location of the place. They had many different types of rhodos and azaleas but it seemed to be owned and run by an elderly couple and the odds that they are still in business seem slim. Is there any such place now that you can think of or am I reduced to mail-ordering a plant and how successful do you think that might be? Thank you for your anticipated response.


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners with your inquiry.

Unfortunately we do not refer any specific organization, however we can refer you to Landscape Ontario website where you can search for nurseries in different areas. The link to this webpage is as follows;


Good luck in you search for Rhododendron.