How to Prune Dahlias


Where should I cut my Dahlia flower to encourage new buds? There are 2 smaller side buds next to the main flower?


Hi:  Dahlias should be deadheaded to promote continued blooming.  Common practice is to deadhead the leader bud (the bud growing at the top of the stem going straight up).  Do this when the plant is actively growing and not blooming yet.  From your photo, it appears that your leader bud is blooming already.  When that bloom begins to fade cut it and its stem off at the spot just above the smaller buds.  If the buds look really small and not thriving, consider cutting off the stem at a lower point were two healthy leaves protrude.  New buds should appear shortly at the point where the leaves join the stem.  Deadhead the plant as the new flowers fade and you should have blooms well into the fall.  Deadheading encourages the plant to invest energy into  buds not  setting seeds in dying blossoms.  Of course sufficient sun, water and nutrients are also essential components for luscious blooms.  Below is a link with more information on ensuring beautiful dahlias.