Where to purchase peach trees *


I was hoping you could help point me in the right direction. I have been looking everywhere for a peach tree, but none of our local nurseries seem to have them! We keep hearing the same thing- suppliers aren’t offering them, crops were damaged, etc. We had one at our last home and it bore around 40 peaches our first year after planting! I believe it was a Harrow Beauty. We have since moved and want a peach tree at this home as well, but cannot find one! Could you please recommend somewhere that would sell them? We live in Oshawa, but would travel to get one!


We are not permitted to recommend particular sources for plants.

However, the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food & Rural Affairs (OMAFRA)’s list of Fruit tree nurseries of Ontario  (which was last reviewed in March 2023) provides contact information and websites for several nurseries that seem to carry peach trees. I suggest that you contact a few nurseries to see if you can source the peach trees.  If you speak with someone at a nursery that does not carry the trees, be sure to ask if they can suggest another nursery for you to contact.

All the best in finding the most incredible peach trees!  My favourite fruit!