White flying insects*


How do you to kill tiny white flying insects. I think it might be Silverleaf Whitefly.

Ornamental sweet potato plant
Climate zone 8
Full to partial sun
Soil Type – Potting Soil
Fertilize when needed
Leaves look like the chlorophyll has been sucked out
Shiny sticky residue on the surface of the leaves

Thank you for the advice last time. Fertilizer did the trick.


Given that we’re still in winter mode here in Toronto, I assume that you are experiencing white flying insects on your houseplants. They seem to appear out of nowhere, especially as the daylight hours begin to lengthen. When you touch the plant, the tiny flies fly up and around the plant.

This site suggests organic controls which are in keeping with the OntarioPesticide law: https://www.planetnatural.com/pest-problem-solver/houseplant-pests/whitefly-control/

From my experience, it is necessary to ensure that all branches and upper and lower surfaces of leaves are sprayed weekly, for about four weeks to ensure that all generations of eggs are smothered and cannot hatch.

I wish you well in eliminating these annoying insect pests.