Will I see my peonies next season?


The brownish bush is(or was) my second peony bush, which I hoped would survive some nearby construction. I took away the root ball of the other bush last week, but there wasn’t much left, except something the size of a large softball. The red and green cloth are attempting to protect a rose with some sticks.
Do the peony bushes seem the right colour at this time of the season. The other green leaves are phlox.
I’ve attached a photo. thank you

  1. Although you picture isn’t very clear, I’m pretty sure your Peony is a herbaceous plant (Peony officinalis) rather than a tree/bush variety (Peony suffruticosa).  That being said, the brownish leaf colour at this time of year is not unusual as your plant is going dormant and will soon lose its leaves for the winter.  Next spring, you should have new growth from the underground tuber.  Once the plant loses its leaves fully, clear the leaf and stalk debris away, and either compost it or set it out for your municipal green waste collection.

Mark where the plant is located in the ground and cordon that area off somehow so that workmen and equipment aren’t constantly tromping on it, causing compacted soil conditions.  This will help you increase the chances of the tuber surviving the construction which appears very close to the plant.

Another option would be to dig the tuber up and replant it in a safer location in your garden.  It could then be returned to its present location once the renovations are complete.

Also, whatever route you decide upon, please continue to water this plant well until freeze up as it is under enough stress with the construction as it is.

Good luck.