Will poppies reseed themselves


I was given some Papaver laciniatum Poppies to seed this spring and I’m wondering if they will reseed themselves or if I should collect and sow them myself every spring. I live in zone 6b


Papaver somniferum var. laciniatum have deeply lobed petals that give the flower a ruffled, pompom appearance. They bloom in early to mid summer. These poppies grow in full sun to light shade in well drained soil.  They are annuals grown only from seed and will self-sow.   If you want them to continue to grow in a specific area, collect open capsules, put the seeds into a container and then shake them in the desired area in the early spring or later summer /fall.  Sprinkle the seeds in prepared soil but don’t cover them. The seeds germinate in early spring in cool soil.  They can also be started in indoors and transplanted when they are an inch tall.  If you want to reduce reseeding in your garden, deadhead the seed capsules before they turn brown.