Winter Heath ‘Eva Gold’



I just saw in Walmart a shurb called Eva Gold. It is a small shurb, the label says it grows 12 inch tall and 12-16 inch wide. It is a pink and few green too. but mostly dark pink. What is that? I google it and could not find anything interesting, maybe the name in the label is not correct. If you know about this Shurb can you please tell me if it is Evergreen or not? Would it be pink the whole year? I live in Toronto west end, Thank you so much.


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners.

The plant you picked up is Erica x darleyensis ‘Eva Gold’ commonly named winter heath ‘Eva Gold’. This rapidly growing zone 5 evergreen shrub has a rounded and compact shape and a mature size of 30- 50 cm tall; 40 to 80 cm wide). Abundant magenta, bell-shaped flowers bloom in winter. The colour of its foliage has the particularity of changing throughout the year, from the light green new growth, turning golden yellow in summer, again becoming pure green in winter.

Winter heath grows best in sandy, acidic, medium moisture, well-drained loams that are enriched with peat. ‘Eva Gold’ will tolerate slightly alkaline soils. Best flowering occurs in full sun, but plants generally appreciate some part afternoon shade. If pruning is needed, it must be done immediately after flowering.