Winter Storage for Tropical Plant in GTA


Hello, I have a large papyrus that is decorating the front walkway of a residence I maintain in the GTA. The plant adds wonderful curb appeal but I am looking for somewhere to store it for the winter. The plant is in a large bronze planter, very heavy. Do you know of any place in the GTA that could accommodate my request for winter storage? The papyrus would only require three s.f.


Thank you for contacting the Master Gardeners with your question.

We would suggest putting out an ad for rental space or for the plant to be relocated to an office or home where someone else might enjoy it! A second option would be to call a tropical plant service company. They may be able to store it for you and deliver it to and from your patio every season.

We would recommend that you contact the Landscape Ontario website at the link below. They recommend a wide range of companies including some in your area that would be able to help with your request. Here is their website,