Can I plant a Winterberry plant in the garden now in November (if the ground isn’t frozen). I just bought a small potted one and I’m not sure if I should keep it inside. What is the best way to look after it?


Yes, there is still time to plant shrubs such as Winterberry (Ilex verticillata) in your garden, as long as the ground has not frozen. Keeping this cold-hardy shrub outdoors is preferable to overwintering indoors. Due to the colder soil temperature at this time of year, the roots will not likely resume growth until next year, but they will be protected from the the extremes of harsh winter weather if they are below ground level (compared to being left in their nursery pot). Plant the Winterberry so that the level of the soil in the pot is slightly lower than the level of the surrounding soil. This will help keep the shrub in the ground, as the surrounding soil may “push” the newly planted shrub out of the ground as it freezes.

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