Wintering Topiaries – Toronto


i wondered about wintering these topiaries – we have 2 plants. at the present time, as you can see from the photos, i planted some flowering plants to give it color during the summer months. My plan was to remove the flowering plants and then add some top soil to top up each of the planters and then bring indoors. Do they require any special care? Both are in clay pots currently and i would prefer not to transplant them if at all possible. Also, how long, if treated with love, will they live?


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners with your inquiry concerning your topiaries. Without a close up of the leaves it is difficult to tell 100% what type of topiary you have, however, from what I can see, I believe that you have a beautiful example of a Eugenia topiary.

Eugenia is an Australian evergreen with small glossy leaves. This plant grows well in full sun in well drained soil. Before bringing any plant indoors it is always best to check the plant for pests. Begin by spraying the plant with a strong blast of water from your garden hose to dislodge any bugs that might be clinging to the leaves. It would also be advisable to repot your plants with new potting soil not only to ensure no pests are being brought indoors but to replenish the soil. Over the summer most of the nutrients in the soil have been utilized.

The link  Overwintering Eugenia Topiary, one of our previous archived posts gives information as to placement of the topiaries in your home as well as fertilization and additional links for your reference.