We planted a wisteria vine last year to climb an archway. The new board of directors want to take it out, stating that it has an acid in it that will make the fence rust. (There are already climbing hydrangea vines on another part of this fence that they do not have a problem with, so it is not due to the leaves keeping the fence wet.)


After researching the wisteria plant, it appears that there are no acids in the plant itself that can cause corrosion.  One cautionary note is its possible toxicity.  The seeds in the long brown pods contain a saponin called wisterin which is toxic if ingested.   Another note is that although its supporting trunk and vines do not rust fences they require very strong supports.  Their weight can collapse thick posts and latticework.

Our Toronto Master Gardener link might help you with any further inquiries :https://www.torontomastergardeners.ca/tag/wisteria/