wisteria in North York may


I have started a pergola this year and would love to ultimately incorporate wisteria…. but I cannot find it – either as bulb or seed or anything all year… How are these propagated, or where can I purchase “starter”?


Wisteria is truly an elegant and enchanting plant. Thank you for contacting us about it.

Although the Toronto Master Gardeners cannot recommend specific nurseries or garden centres, we suggest that you visit Landscape Ontario’s website, which contains a list of local garden centres:  https://landscapeontario.com/garden-centres/chapter/toronto . This is a previous response from Toronto Master Gardeners to the same question that you asked. I have checked the websites of several large plant nursery chains in the the Toronto area and all sell wisteria plants.

You can grow wisteria from either seed or cuttings. According to some sources like the Royal Horticultural Society growing a wisteria plant from seed may take 20 years.

More information about propagating wisteria from cuttings is enclosed.