Yellow Roses For a Container


What is the best yellow rose to get for a Markham home, which is just above the 401 and Main St Markham. The area the rose might be planted will get mid day to evening sun. Im looking for a rose plant that is not too bushy or tall. Zone 5b or 4 I think. The rose will need to be planted in a large pot due to the back garden getting too much rain water, ( run off and draining is bad ).


Thank you for your question about roses suitable for growing in a pot in the Markham area. Markham north of Highway 401 is usually considered zone 5b for hardiness. Growing a plant in a container increases the likelihood that its roots will freeze, so it is important that any rose you grow be more cold-hardy than your zone. The bigger the container and the more protection you can offer, the more likely it is that your rose will survive the winter.

Roses like a minimum of six hours per day of sun. The location you are considering should just meet that requirement. Shrub roses are more shade tolerant than other varieties and some have been bred to be particularly cold hardy.

Two small yellow shrub roses which you may want to consider are “Bill Reid” from the Canadian Artist series, which grows about 3 feet by 3 feet, and “Morden Sunrise”, which is slightly shorter and has pink edging. Both were bred in Canada and are cold hardy to zone 3.

Good luck with your new rose.

April 5, 2021