A displaced Cherry tree


I live in Scarborough. I displaced a two years old Cherry tree about 10 days ago. It’s leaves became dry and now are falling down.
I have attached a picture of the tree. Pleas guide me what to do.

Thank you,



Your tree is suffering from transplant shock/stress due to your moving it from one location to another and that is why you see the leaf browning and drop.

Now is quite a good time to move plants as long as you have taken as much of the root ball as possible and you have watered it in thoroughly.  If you continue to water it daily from now until freeze up, it will stand a much better chance of making it successfully through the winter as it will have established some new roots.

In the spring, begin watering again as soon as you can safely get your hose or irrigation system hooked up.  Also, early spring would be a good time to feed it with an all around fertilizer (20-20-20) to give it a boost and get it growing well.  Mulching around the base of the tree will keep weeds at bay and will help with soil moisture retention, but be careful not to have the mulch up against the tree trunk.

Hope this helps,