Growing bamboo species (not lucky bamboo) in hydroponic


Can we grow bamboo species (sympodial) in a hydroponic system? The bamboo is 2-3 month olds. If yes, can you recommend the suitable hydroponic set up.


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners with your query.

The short answer is yes, you can grow Bamboo hydroponically.  The process is similar to growing Lucky bamboo.  Lucky bamboo is in fact not bamboo.  It is called Dracaena sanderina and belongs to the Asparagaceae family.  Bamboo belongs to the grass family, Poaceae.

The difference between the two is that bamboo grows very quickly from rhizomes and can become very tall and invasive.  You did not mention which species of bamboo you have.

Hydroponics is very suitable for plants that do not rot easily when sitting in water.  Some Bamboo species fall into this category. But not all are suitable for growing indoors.

You will need a piece of a growing bamboo stem that has at least 2-3 nodes and is 10 inches in length.  Your 2-3-month-old bamboo plant may not be established enough for this process.

The following website explains in detail how to grow your bamboo cutting.  I hope you will find this helpful.

Malay Dwarf Propagation