Acer japonicum *


I live outside Ottawa (zone 5b I think) and would like to know if this particular Acer would grow in clay soil in a sunny location. Any general information would be welcome. Thank you.

Acer japonicum, also known as full moon maple, has fernlike leaves, crimson autumn color, and plenty of small, reddish flowers in spring. Its growth habit is mounded, bushy, and spreading. It can grow up to 30 feet. This attractive tree makes a great specimen plant and is very hardy.  It will grow in zones 5-7 so should do just fine in Ottawa but it grows best in sandy loam to loam soil. The soil should be moist. Not sure it will do well in a clay soil. Try amending the soil before planting. It will grow in part shade to sun conditions.

The Toronto Master Gardeners has a garden guide which you might find helpful

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