Different Types of Lavender *


London On area. I have a row of lavenders in my garden. They bloom at different times of the season. One has a compact growing structure and the other has a sprawling unruly growing habit (it is in bloom now). Are they possibly two different types of lavender? They were newly planted last fall.


The genus Lavandula consists of about 24 species with numerous varieties, so you are correct in assuming your plants are different types.  Lavender is the common name for these plants. They are aromatic evergreen shrubs native to dry, rocky, open habitats as found in the Mediterranean area.   They do well in sunny locations and are drought resistant. Note that lavender is considered a herb.

Unfortunately your photo is not clear enough to identify your plants. Generally speaking, if you purchase plants from a reputable garden centre or nursery there is a name tag with the plant which makes life easier for identification purposes.  For all things lavender visit –  https://lavenderontario.org/

Below are links to websites that describe the most common varieties of lavender. All being well you can identify your plants.