Ajuga Die Back


Hi, I sent an enquiry in mid June to ask if you could help determine what the problem is with the Ajuga in my garden. All of a sudden the leaves became distorted and curled and shriveled. No other plants in the same area are showing any signs of a problem. I have attached photos. Will send another message as it appears that only 1 photo can be attached per message.
Clay soil, afternoon shade, established planting. Weeping Japanese Maple, Ferns and Hostas are also planted here and none of them are showing any problems, so it is not a lack of water issue.

Thank you for writing in regard to the issues that you are experiencing with your Ajuga. You seem to have shade to sun with moisture for the plan. Are you moving old flowers after blooming and occasionally thinning the plant to open it up to better air circulation and
to prevent stem diseases?
Ajuga plants can experience insect damage, particularly ash leaf curl aphids and crown rots. With Ash leaf curl aphids, the damage first occurs in May and June and is present the remainder of the season. Ash leaves become curled and distorted. These are often covered with honeydew, a sticky substance and a white waxy material. Small, 1/8 inch long, whitish woolly aphids are inside the leaves.

Here are two sites which you might find helpful.

The latter site provides some good information on the management of the infestation.
Good luck with your plant.