Boxwood Hedges


I think I have not been trimming my boxwood hedge properly. The branches are falling off to the sides and after a rain there are gaps where the branches are too heavy to retain the shape I have trimmed them to. Please see pictures. I have several to attach so I’ll send more messages with just extra pics. How should I trim the hedge now? Also – I bought an electric trimmer but when I use it the trimmed branches & leaves go brown which is not attractive. What am I doing wrong?


Thank you for reaching to Toronto Master Gardeners with your boxwood question.

Below are two links, one deals with boxwood pruning, the other with boxwood diseases.

You may have to use hand shears for pruning. Boxwoods, do not like to be pruned too severely, nor too often. They do best when thinned out to keep them in their natural state. Cut back alternating branches to their base and remove any dead or dying branches starting in the first year with a pair of pruning shears. The result will be a hedge that grows in with more open space and a wild, more bush-like appearance. Consider making the top of the hedge slightly thinner than the bottom to allow more sunlight and moisture to reach the lower branches.