Aphids (?) on a hoya


I have an indoor hoya infested, repeatedly, with tight clusters of little orange insects on the new growth and flower clusters. I have sprayed and removed weekly with Safers Insecticidal Soap but after a few days they reappear. Are they in the soil? What can I do? Is there an environmentally safe solution?
(Sorry, no photo – just cleaned them all off yet again!)


Without a photo, we can’t be sure these are aphids but they are the most likely culprit, and  can be very difficult to control.

Your repeated insecticidal soap approach is good, but do also take the plant outside to the garden hose, or place in the shower, or under a kitchen sink faucet with a spray attachment and wash down the plant with a strong spray, before and after the treatment. If you see any insects after spraying, squash and remove them manually. It can take several rounds of hosing down and applying insecticidal soap to get them under control.

If you continue to have a problem, please inquire again, including a picture.

Best of luck!