Apple tree disease ?


My apple tree (planted in summer 2020) was healthy until this year when it never really sprouted any leaves in spring despite being perfectly healthy last fall. I suspect there was some disease that afflicted it between last fall and this spring and I would appreciate if someone could advise me on the best way to help the tree get back to health. I am attaching some photos that hopefully help in understanding what may be the problem. Thank you in advance.


The image is a bit blurry, but it does appear that your tree has a fungal disease.

The bark damage may be girdling the trunk, that is, damaging the cambium layer just below the bark, interrupting the flow of nutrients and sap which eventually leads to the death of the tree.

Apple trees are subject to several kinds of fungal diseases, most of which cause damage to the bark on the trunk and limbs, as well as the leaves and fruit. Because there is no picture of the leaves, it is difficult to determine the specific disease from which your tree is suffering.

However, OMAFRA (Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs) has provided excellent descriptions, diagnostic information and management advice for apple growers.

Here are their web pages, which can help you to diagnose the problem and deal with it.

Canker diseases and root rots

Black rot


The University of Minnesota also provides excellent detail on identification, cultural practices and controls.

Good luck with your apple tree.

Sept. 5, 2022