Autumn Joy Sedums


I have 2 large sedums that are flourishing in my southern facing garden. I cut the plants back each winter and they come back each year with a huge number of healthy looking flower buds that are starting to look pinkish. My problem is that for the past 3 summers, these gorgeous flower heads always seem to be on the verge of blooming and then they suddenly turn brown and crispy and never actually bloom. I’ve seen plenty of sedums around that bloom gloriously each fall and mine do not. What is happening?


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners’.

Sedums often succumb to rot or fungal disease due to too much moisture; attacking the roots, stems and leaves. good drainage is key to its continued health. As the only issue is the flowers, this does not seem to be the problem. You noted that it was in a south facing garden. The plant performs best in full sun or 6-8 hours of sun. If the plant is in shade or under the eves, it will not perform optimally, because of the lack of sun and water.

Some varieties only bloom pink and then quickly fade.  others look great through to October. If the type was known, than it could be determined if it was systemic to these plants or not.

Meanwhile, you might want to check out the detailed answer we provided an earlier inquirer here.