Bamboo Hedge


Hi, good afternoon.
My company has an ongoing project to build a new house in Toronto and my client requested a special hedge.

He wants Mature Bamboo tree, if possible higher than 10′ foot tall for a linear hedge of about 280′ foot.


Thank you for your question.


Non-invasive Clumping Bamboo grows in tightly-formed clumps and is the type commonly used to grow a privacy fence or screen.  Each clump can be up to 5 feet in diameter.

We have received a number of questions regarding growing bamboo in Toronto. The following information is from one of our archived posts:

There are several varieties of bamboo that thrive in our climate. The most important consideration with bamboo is to find a variety that is not invasive: you should look for a clumping variety, such as Green Panda fargesia ( Fargesia dracocephala ‘Rufa’) which will grow to the height you need, but will not invade your garden. Larger nurseries in the GTA should stock at least a few varieties of bamboo, and you should have no trouble finding what you want, although perhaps not in the fall season. Landscape Ontario has a comprehensive list of nurseries that you can contact: Under the bar “I’m looking for” click Retail Garden Center and enter your location to find a number of reputable garden centers in your area.

Another bamboo to consider is Umbrella Bamboo (Fargesia murielae)). This bamboo is hardy to USDA zone 5. It prefers to be planted in an area that is protected from the hot afternoon sun or an area that receives dappled sunlight throughout the day.

This link provides you with a number of previous bamboo posts on our website.

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