Puppy proof fabric planter for spring bulbs>


I have a new puppy rampaging round the garden. Spring planting is now problematic. What do you think of my planting in fabric planter – daffs and tulips – that I can move around?


Thank you for your question re spring planting and your new puppy.

Spring bulbs, including, including tulips & daffodils, can be planted in containers in late October.

A pot with good drainage would be easy to manage & move around. Master Gardeners do not advise on brand name products. Fabric pots are now widely available, and allow excess water to easily drain from the container, keeping moisture at an ideal level for healthy plant growth. You might consider contacting Landscape Ontario https://landscapeontario.com/search at  to inquire about the specific pot you are looking to purchase.

Using a soil mix that provides good drainage will insure the bulbs sit in moist, but not soggy soil. A light soil-less mix with a mixture of vermiculite and perlite, with some organic compost mixed in, would work well. The benefit of a soil-less mix is that it holds water more efficiently. In the Toronto and surrounding area, you will need to overwinter your containers under protection outdoors, in a cold garage or shed.

Bring the containers outside once danger of hard frost has passed, or other bulbs planted in the garden, start to emerge in spring.

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In addition you may find additional information and other resources in our Garden Guide for planting tulips


Best of luck.