Baobab Seedling


Thank you so much for hosting free gardening sessions on line! I was able to join your April 29th session and it was really helpful!

I have a further inquiry about my baobab seedling. As attached in the picture, it somehow looks partially brown. It was healthy when we germinated it but since we planted it two weeks ago, it’s been looking brownish and not as healthy.
I live in Montreal in an apartment where I grew it indoors. I tried looking up all the instructions online and try to keep it moist by misting the top soil when it’s dry. It is located beside my window and I also provide growing lights when the sun is not sufficient in some gloomy weather and at night to prolong the exposure to light.
The stem looks green and healthy but I really don’t know what happened to the leaves. I used my empty facial spray (rose water) container to mist it, but I did rinse the spray bottle several times by circulate it with clean water before using it for my plants. Would you think that might be the problem that is hurting it?

You advise is highly appreciated! I’ve been watching it everyday and it grew a bit but the browning is concerning… Thank you experts so much for your help in advance!


Well, thank you very much for this unusual question. Growing large tropical plants indoors in Montreal….you are brave!

Yes, I am afraid your baby Baobab may not make it. It’s difficult to tell from the photo but it looks as your plant is dehydrated. The soil looks very dry. I am not an expert in this plant but from what I was able to read, the success rate is often low so it is advisable to plant more than one at a time.

I would suggest that you try again and give it a bit more water. Please be sure the water you use is fresh.  Your concern about the facial spray may be valid but there is no way of being sure. Gardening is an experimental hobby. If you want to learn more about this tree and how to grow it, I would suggest joining a forum such as this one through the University of British Columbia Botanical Garden:

Good luck!