Transplanting Seedlings


In the attached photo are my viola seedlings (appropriately 3 weeks after planting). I haven’t done this kind of planting before and was wondering how to transplant them into a permanent place (be it the ground or container).
Should I move it in the small container first? When?
Also, It seems it sprouted very dense (in some spots around 10 roots per square inch) so I am not sure how to move/separate it without destroying it.


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners.

Congratulations on your first seedlings!

Moving the little seedlings is a key step. It important to get the plants replanted with more space for growth and better air circulation. Moving to a small container would be the next step. When you eventually move outside you will need to slowly acclimatize them before they go into the garden.

There are many articles in our library on this subject. I have attached one below specifically on transplanting. I have also attached our gardening guide on seedlings that you can use as you move through the different steps. There are many more articles if you search the library on our website.

Good Luck!

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