Bay Laurel


We have a Bay Laurel that has grown rapidly in our kitchen window, under a growlight. This variety grows long, straight stems and the longest is approaching 28″. Two questions:
will Bay Laurel grow outside (planted in the ground) in Toronto? If I trim these long, straight stems, will they root?
Thank you very much.


Dear gardener,

I too have a Laurel. It is such a lovely, solid and useful plant!

In response to your first question, Laurus nobilis, or Bay tree has been cultivated since Roman times and can withstand a bit of cold draughts indoors but will not survived outside in our Canadian winters. I suggest you plant it in  a pretty pot and place it in front of a very sunny window. When outdoor temperatures reach above 10C (on a constant basis), you can take it outside for the season as it will benefit from fresh air and warm air. In October, watch as the temperature starts descending and bring it indoors to a sunny location as soon as it reaches below 10C. Water normally but be careful to avoid overwatering as this is the main cause of failure for these shrubs.

Stem cuttings are taken in the spring when active growth is as its best. Cuttings can be  8-16 cm long. With a sharp knife, cut below a leaf join. Remove the leaves in the bottom half of the stem, dip the bottom 1cm in rooting hormone and place in a sterile growing medium.

Hope you found this information helpful and best of luck with your new plant!